I offer individual psychotherapy services to adults and older persons, either with a short-term horizon, or for longer time periods. I first seek to create some basic connection to establish a sense of trust and confidence. I  simultaneously try to understand and carefully assess the situation and the various options available to us. I intend my approach to be practical and individualized, meaning that I wish to use my experience and professional expertise to help each person find his/her own unique path.  My primary theoretical orientation is psychoanalytic,  with complements from both the existential and cognitive-behavioral approaches, as needed.

Reasons for consulting


  • Anxiety disorders (Stress, social anxiety, panic, phobias, obsessions and compulsions, etc.)
  • Mood disorders, depression, mourning, losses
  • Personality and relational disorders (“difficult personalities ”; couple, work; self or others; affective dependence)
  • Love relations, separation/divorce
  • Incest, victims of sexual abuse
  • Complex PTSD, Developmental trauma